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A unique system for managing clinics, centers and medical complexes

Athir Care is an interactive Saudi electronic system for the automation and management of healthcare procedures. The system makes available  a unified health record encompassing different medical and administrative modules serving all departments within a health entity. Athir Care seamlessly connects various health entities and systems. The system connects the various health entities and systems and contributes to realizing digital transformation by applying good healthcare standards. Athir Care is a cloud-based system ensuring speed in delivery, ease of use, while reducing effort, risk and cost.

The system does not require the entity to invest in high infrastructure cost as it is on a cloud network inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and complies with strict cybersecurity measures. It enables entities to manage their branches through a central system with ease and efficiency, and with less effort and cost.

The system is in line with the requirements of the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI) and approved by the General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) for e-invoicing and complies by the standards of the Saudi Organization for Chartered and Professional Accountant.

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Unified Health Record

Accessible from anywhere and the patient health record can be digitally transferred between the different departments of a health entity through a central system

Administrative Management

Integrated management system that contains financial, human resources, material management, and point of sale modules

Integrated System

Contains all medical, administrative, financial and material management modules

Business Intelligence Reports

Intelligent data analytics helps the entity to raise business performance, reduce costs and maximize revenues

Compatible with other Systems

Integrated and compatible with Absher, Mawid, Sehhaty, DHS, Waseel, Nphies, and Wasfaty

Cloud Based System

Hosted in a secure digital environment inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for maximum speed

Smart Electronic System

Patients can manage their appointments electronically, make direct reservations and have the option to pay electronically

Accredited System

The system is in line with the requirements of the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI) and approved by the General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) for e-invoicing and complies by the standards of the Saudi Organization for Chartered and Professional Accountant.


Why Atheer Care is suitable for your business

Athir Care system is an integrated and modern platform operating through cloud units covering all the basic needs and functions of your health facility and can connect with many government and private entities of various kinds such as  Absher ,  Nafis which belong to  Health Insurance Council, as well as various entities and facilities such as laboratories, pharmacies, insurance companies and other service providers.

Athir Care Modules


This module provides the health entity with system management capability including important functions such as control options for the departments, service activation using unified coding for healthcare services, price setting, users’ creation and much more.

Medical Insurance

The system determines the administrative and financial procedure for every patient based on the insurance validity and service coverage, and then creates the financial approvals and claims based on the approved administrative procedure for the Insurance Department.

Financial Services

The system manages the records of accounts, classifies operations electronically, follows up on financial assets, and provides daily and monthly reports to manage the revenues of the health entity.


This module encompasses many processes dedicated to receiving patients, starting with the creation or activation of their medical files, request for a test or service. The system generates receipts and notifies the patient and the healthcare practitioner electronically.

The Clinic

The system allows to electronically manage the patient flow in the clinic, starting with the measurement of vital signs and diagnosis using ICD-10, followed by the various medical services provided, to determining treatment plans and medication.


The system equips nurses with all necessary tools to provide quality healthcare to their patients, follow up on patient condition using various routine procedures from entering the patient’s vital signs and forms until planning to provide the appropriate care for the patient.


The system provides a flexible way to manage doctors' work schedules that best suit the requirements of each entity. Based on this schedule, the system manages the doctors’ appointments by making these accessible to patients for booking.


The system sorts the required tests from the laboratory, allowing the laboratory staff to quickly follow up and manage the tests through the system. The latter sends an electronic notification when the service is completed.


The pharmacist reviews the medical prescriptions electronically and dispenses them through the system and as soon as the payment is made, the patient’s health file is updated, which allows the doctor to view the status of the disbursement through the system.


The system facilitates the follow-up and management of the services provided by the radiology department, allowing radiology staff to review and complete all requests using the system.

Integrated System

Athir Care

Athir Care is an interactive Saudi electronic system for the management of services and the mechanization of health procedures so that the system contains a unified health file with various medical and administrative units serving all different departments within the health facility. The system is available with additional solutions that enable installations to manage all their operations through an interconnected system

Interconnected technical solutions with Athir Care

Athir Portal

A platform developed  to individuals and beneficiaries of medical services provided by health entities for the purpose of managing, booking and reviewing appointments and consulting the medical procedures taken in addition to the possibility of paying in advance for the value of the medical appointments booked.


Self Service

A smart device through which the auditors carry out many operations and procedures without standing in queues and reviewing the reception department, as the most prominent services performed by the self-service device are:

  • check in
  • electronic payment
  • Issuance of waiting number

Athir ERP

It is an administrative platform designed to serve establishments of all kinds and specializations to manage financial, human and materials resources

athir erp

Athir Dash

A system specialized in business intelligence, which is the way for medical facilities to convert information into decisions that increase the performance and efficiency of the facility, Through it the following is done:

  • Ease of customization
  • instant analysis
  • Available at all times
  • Support from certified business intelligence experts
  • Self-service
  • Ease of controlling and extracting reports

Features of Athir Dash

Smart investment with exceptional returns

Mine for Information and Statistics

Improve performance

Exploring problems and their roots

Easy decision-making

athir dash

Innovate and develop

Athir Information Systems Technology Company, a pioneer in innovative solutions and tools in the areas of health information system (HIS), revenue cycle management (RCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), training, and go-live activities for the health sectors.