enterprise resource management

What is Athir ERP System

Atheer ERP is an integrated and intelligent Saudi national system designed to serve establishments of all types and specializations to manage financial, human and materials resources. Where all departments of the facility are linked with what is necessary to complete the practical procedures such as accounting, employee recruitment processes, inventory management, cost control, electronic invoicing and preparing reports that will help the facility analyze and measure work performance and make quick and correct decisions.

The system is available on a cloud network inside Saudi Arabia and keeps pace with cybersecurity requirements. It enables establishments to manage their branches easily, efficiently, with less effort and cost.

The system is approved by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority for electronic invoicing and applies the standards of the Saudi Organization for Auditors and Accountants.

athir erp
Why ERP is an ideal partner for your company

Because it is a whole set of cloud units that cover all the basic functions of any facility

Reduce Costs

The system operates with artificial intelligence and performs all the required functions

Increase Productivity

The system has the ability to perform many processes at the same time with accuracy

Enhance Governance

The system is prepared to apply governance in the enterprise through organizing business and procedures

Decision Support

The system facilitates decision-making because it contains many tools

System units

Accounting unit

The accounting operations are integrated in the Atheer ERP system with precision, where documents are recorded, restrictions are created and displayed in reports and statistics in detail, It also enables the administration to record sales and purchases and issue tax returns with accuracy and effortlessly. In addition, the system provides the possibility of multiple branches and the issuance of reports at the level of each branch.

اثير للمحاسبة

human resources unit

Efficient management of the work team through the human resources unit, Starting from adding the organizational structure of the facility, opening employee profiles, adding allowances and deductions, all the way to the salary stream.


point of sale (POS) module

An integrated solution for managing points of sale through a cloud system that relies on the Internet in general, But it can be used offline until the bills are posted at the end of the day. You can also manage users with ease and control the permissions for each user.

نقاط البيع

Inventory management unit

Integrated solutions for managing stores and warehouses and linking them with your sales and purchases directly, Through ERP, you can monitor your stock levels at the level of all branches.


Innovate and develop

Athir Information Systems Technology Company, a pioneer in innovative solutions and tools in the areas of health information system (HIS), revenue cycle management (RCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), training, and go-live activities for the health sectors.