Integration with all medical insurance systems

Athir RCM

Athir RCM is a smart solution that digitizes the medical insurance cycle by capturing clinical and financial transactions in a centralized platform, allowing to streamline the communication between medical insurance stakeholders

athir rcm


On time service

No delay in approvals

Handling approvals and claims

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Athir RCM is the perfect solution

Athir RCM system provides revenue cycle management services as it organizes the documentary cycle of the service provider and provides medical coding and billing services, revenue development, technical, financial and advisory services for the medical facility.

System Functions



Claims Submission

Payment Advice

Accounts Receivable


Innovate and develop by:

Athir Information Systems Technology Company, a pioneer in innovative solutions and tools in the areas of health information system (HIS), revenue cycle management (RCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), training, and go-live activities for the health sectors.